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An anthology of stories set in Kawartha Lakes as told by writers living in Kawartha Lakes. This anthology takes readers on a journey of unexpected and innovative views of the city of Kawartha Lakes using a mix of genres, ranging from sweet romance and contemporary fairy tale to soft horror and edgy humour. With settings from Bobcaygeon to Woodville and various locations between, Kawartha Lakes Stories are at once startling and familiar, as local writers explore some of our everyday places through a variety of voices and styles


My Story in this Anthology is called The Night Duet.

A demon's unthinkable task. A childhood game gone horribly wrong. The nagging feeling that someone is watching your every move. A lover, a betrayer. Breakdown. Vengeance. Misplaced trust. Malice. Surprise. How many times will you soothe yourself in the dark hoping for the light? Welcome to a world hidden behind the blinds of reality. This anthology is not for the faint-hearted. The tales inside are guaranteed to rob you of sleep at night and bring you the nightmares you fear. Now, open your eyes and see.


Dark Light is An Anthology published by Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly. My Story is The Miller's Daughter.

DARK LIGHT 2 explores the darker side of our world, the things no one wants to speak about or admit. The stories in this anthology will make you think, make you shiver, intrigue and entertain you. Please step into our world of the darker side where little light shines through. Are you ready?


My story in the Anthology is called Separation.

Collection of dark and stormy tales of vengeance from Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly publishing.


The  Story that I have in this Anthology is called Career Change.